Saturday afternoon at Japanese SALON for a full experience to awaken your five senses.





Japanese High Tea can be arranged for your group from 4 persons.


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Message from the host

I have practiced Japanese Tea ceremony, in the traditional form of "Omote sense" (表千家) for years in Japan in my youth. Japanese traditional tea ceremony is a beautiful peaceful ritual but it can be too formal and not easy to accommodate it in our European setting. 


Over the years in my life in Europe, although it took so much courage to alternate this sacred traditional form,  I formulated my own "Japanese High Tea" to enjoy Japanese tea to receive my friends and guests at my Dutch home and also purely for myself.

I like to keep the Japanese tradition alive in Europe.  In order to do so, we need to make our own adaption to suits our time and place, however, it is a very essential to understand the essence of Japanese tradition and philosophy, which I am going to teach my guests and share it in a friendly manner.


For styling, I enjoy mingling Japanese antique tea sets in European table very much. I also offer Sencha for those who doesn't like the bitter taste of Matcha, not only Japanese traditional sweets, but also with my signature Matcha cakes or Matcha chocolate.

The "Elegance" is born when we are aware of our own presence , body and mind, in the very moment.

Look forward to welcoming you!  Azumi


Japanese traditional tea ceremony is like an elegant dance of our body, mind and soul. It is not about making tea.  We are there to cherish time, space and our companies - "the very moment of encounter".


You come "to be" fully present with your five senses. Let it be and just to "receive".

See, Hear, Smell, Feel and Taste






learn what traditional Japanese tea ceremony is.




 learn to make tea in style.




Enjoy tea, a dream selection of Japanese sweets and cake & a lovely chat! 




Walking through the entrance of Japanese salon, you will immediately be captured by the Zen aesthetics of its interior design, grassy smell of tatami and a collection of Japanese artworks dated back from 18th centuries.


Sitting down with Azumi, you will get the chance to drink matcha tea with Japanese sweets & cakes on exceptionally pretty confectionary of your choice while watching her preparing and serving the tea with a bamboo whisk in a stone bowl. You can learn as much as you wish about tea, Japan and arts with our friendly host.


This experience will evoke all five senses of yours and allow a short escape from busy lifestyles to go to Japan right in the middle of the Netherlands.


You will experience the summit of Japanese culture with the presentation of not only about tea, but also what we use at the ceremony, kimono , Japanese art, flower arrangement, the entire...


After this High Tea workshop, you will be able to do "customised" Japanese tea ceremony at home in your European living setting, after learning about the real purpose and tradition of Japanese Tea Ceremony. 


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