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Title : Chiyoda no on-omote, Shiba Zonoji hatsu onari no zu (New Year's visit to Zojoji Temple, Shiba)



Artist : Chikanobu Toyohara 

Origin :  Japan

Age : circa 1800-1860

Classification:  Ukiyo-e, triptychs (sanmaitsuzuki)

Condition :  Condition very good, some light signs of wear. Some discoloration on paper but no major rips, creases, or waves. 


Provenance : Private Collection, Italy

Medium : Woodblock print


Price upon request,  Available for Sale. Viewing (by visit or online) by appointment.



A unique woodblock print, made up of three individual ukiyo-e prints. Ukiyo-e triptychs or sanmaitsuzuki were printed on three individual sheets of mulberry paper and were not affixed together. The three sheets of paper were used to show monumental scale and were often reserved for grand subjects, like this imperial scene.

The large format allows the viewer to see the grandness of Japanese imperial life.



"Chiyoda no On-omote". The customs and manners of feudal lords and the shogun at Chiyoda. Here, The shogun is visiting Zojo-ji temple at Shiba. 



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