Calligraphy Meditation

Practice to be in the moment.....

Most of us have heard about the benefits of meditation – to reduce stress and anxiety, to boost creativity and productivity and improve health in general.  You wish to meditate but don’t have time. Maybe you’ve tried to meditate but had some troubles such as finding a quiet place, connect with your feeling and focus your mind.


Japanese calligraphic meditation, as its name, is all about connecting body and soul, to find a channel through which you can listen to your inner voice, what your body wants to tell you, to listen to your inner self just for a moment. You will be guided to make the symbol that represents your current energy and feeling, wildly exploring in an unconventional way.


Bring your subconsciousness into consciousness. Your feelings will be demonstrated on papers with your stroke of a brush.

Your negative and positive emotions will come to the surface.

a symbol of love, symbol of sadness, symbol of beauty, symbol of anger..... whatever we are feeling.


It can be energing and also can be healing. 

As you practice, you will encounter the stillness and ultimate bliss - authentic yourself.



Azumi Uchitani, as a Japanese lifestyle and meditation coach, will introduce you a technique of Japanese calligraphic meditation. 

She started making calligraphy at very young age in Japan at home. Her grandfather was her teacher and menteor. It was a part of daily rituals together with tea ceremony and flower arrangement.


After years of her personal journey, living internationaly,  she has formulated this method that anyone, any walks of life can create inner peace and get in touch with their creative self.

Azumi has been givening Calligraphy meditation sessions over a decade. She gives both private and group sessions.  Her clients includes all walks of life; form exetuives, celebrity, international professionals, artists, to teenagers. 

Some of her clients takes sesions once a week as meditation. Some students take lessons every week as part of their Japanese cultural interests.


Corporate clients has taken this as team building sessions -  make a symbol for the mission, goal or value that we want to share with the team members

as well as for corporate clients at their team. Her clients includes g museums, for top Dutch design companies such as Marlies Dekker and Marcel Wanders Studios. 


Azumi's own calligraphy art work is much appreciated and has done commissioned works for her private and corporate clients, including RITUALS magazine, which is distributed world wide.


Calligraphy meditaion session is available at Japanese SALON as well as at your location.


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"My aim is to bring more joy to our daily life with Art of Japan,

with a touch of love and light." - Azumi