Pick of the month - Art of Kimono


  •  Size :  1m x 1m
  • Kimono* :  100 % silk (high quality finishing with gold embroidery)
  • Art of Kimono Design : by Azumi Uchitani
  • Price : €3500
  • Contact : + 31 (0)6 50 69 38 87 

<About this Kimono>

This is a type of ceremonial kimono called "UBUGI" (初着) for a baby boy, used to make the first family visit to a Shinto shrine  to wish prosperity, health and good life for the baby.  Symbols that represent the wishes from the family are incorporated into the kimono as well as the family crest.

UBUGI covered the baby, who was hold in mother's arm (traditionally by a grandmother of the father's side) and it was wrapped around mother's body.






  "Taka" (eagle) was a symbol of strength, braveness and power in Edo period.

In this kimono, Taka is flying high with gold and shows strength, braveness, prosperity and power.

Wish to be successful and expansion, fly high like the eagle.


<Me and Kimono>

My grandmother , Hagi Mido, 御堂 萩 was a kimono maker. From mother to daughter, from generation to generation, the "kimono" was kept alive in our female blood line.   From my mother, I learned about kimono, how to handle it, how to value it, how to treasure it, how to store it, how to wear it.... Having kimono is a ritual. It is a sacred object and deserve a temple. I create a "temple" (as her family name means) for Kimono to be cherished here in Europe. - Azumi 

"My aim is to bring more joy to our daily life with Art of Japan,

with a touch of love and light." - Azumi