Welcome to Japanese Salon, located in an old Dutch villa in Bussum, in the heart of the Netherlands and serving globally. 


Japanese Salon Project offers a series of selling exhibitions, art curation and lectures/workshops with a purpose of bringing deeper appreciation of Japanese works of art , culture, philosphy and aesthetics.


We help international art lovers and collectors in every step to find the finest Japanese works of art.


Japanese Screens, are our expertise.

We bring not only about the art itself, but stories behind with the native Japanese expertise.


In addition, together with collaborators, we offer a collection of high-end, museum quality Japanese antiques, contemporary art and design items that can be enjoyed together with Japanese screens at European homes & offices.


All are carefully selected and collected with Japanese native expertise.



Education is also an important part of Japanese Salon Project.

Private courses, corporate workshops, and Japanese calligraphy meditation are given on daily basis.

Founder, Azumi shares her in depth knowledge of  Japanese art, history, culture, rituals, ancient wisdom by writing as well. Her writing can be followed from this link



Make an appointment for viewing our collection or for my Japanese courses,

Please call at + 31 6 50 69 38 87 or email us.



Invitation to our exhibition in the Netherlands and beyond can be received by sending us your info. If you wish to receive, please register, mentioning your interests.


We look forward to welcoming you with Japanese Tea! 


Japanese SALON was originally founded in 2009 in Amsterdam, by Azumi Uchitani. Inspired by the 18th century European literary Salon movements, as an exclusive Japanese cultural event project, with a purpose of brining people together beyond borders to share Japanese art and culture.


Japanese Salon also served as a charity organisation for two years to support pregnant woment and babies through Japanese midwife associations after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.


In 2015, Japanese SALON evolved with business activity as an art gallery with Azumi's life time passion for art and her Japanese native expertise.   In 2017, relocated to the current location.